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Yeh teraverse, yeh meraverse

A 2042 remake of the popular 1982 Bollywood song “Yeh tera ghar, yeh mera ghar” It’s 2042, and the human experience is transformed by the metaverse. Schoolverse, gymverse, workverse, dinnerverse, movieverse, etc. are common now with

What Is The Key To Metaverse Success In Retail And Fashion?

The impact of metaverse in retail, fashion, and luxury lifestyle goods have been reported widely. Although the technology has been around for a while, the adoption has been tepid. The COVID-19 outbreak caught us all

Humanity needs instructions on everything

Our lives are filled with instructions – from how to connect to the WiFi to enabling our car’s sunroof to close when it senses rain, from learning to cook the world’s best upma in under

The no-code metaverse maker

Everything we see around us will become immersive and interactive, that’s the future. But the path to this future is extremely expensive, frustrating, and time-taking. Enter Fabrik – the pain killer. TL:DR – Fabrik is
Augmented Reality — what can you implement today?

Augmented Reality — what can you implement today?

That’s an excellent question, I’m glad you asked. There are many articles out there about applications of Extended Reality (XR) in all walks of life, from FMCG experiences to mining practices and from furniture visualizations
World Wide WebXR (Web Extended Reality)

World Wide WebXR (Web Extended Reality)

The World Wide Web (www) is simply a network of computers (servers in this case) that hold the pages of information, more or less the Internet. Here’s an interesting article that explains how to identify a webpage
Why should you care? — yet another Extended Reality post.

Why should you care? — yet another Extended Reality post.

XR — Extended Reality is an umbrella term for augmented, mixed or virtual realities, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Excellent. I’m not talking about the first virtual reality device, Sensorama (1962), a visionary