Backend Developer

Who we are looking for

We are looking for a talented and detailed-oriented Backend Developer, who possesses a passion for building great technology products, loves working on long-term products, and likes to dabble in experimental coding and prototyping. You should also be able to work independently, prioritize tasks to work on the most important aspects, be self-motivated, and be curious about new emerging immersive technologies, and perfect the user experience. You should also be in the habit of writing well-documented, clean code, to be able to pass successful projects on to other developers to iterate upon.

What you will be doing

You will work with the engineering team to design, build, and scale the backend architecture of Fabrik. It’d be great to see your creativity and experiments to achieve and stabilize high-performance systems.

  1. Design and build the backend architecture.
  2. Pull and integrate different types of data/ APIs into our backend.
  3. Develop, and manage well-functioning databases and applications.
  4. Collaborate with the product team to define app features.
  5. Ensure quality and performance of the backend.
  6. Create security and data protection settings.
  7. Run unit/stress tests of code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability.
  8. Work on bug fixing and on improving the backend performance.
  9. Maintain the backend codebase.
  10. Design and implement application updates.
  11. Enhance applications by identifying opportunities for improvement, making recommendations and suggestions.
  12. Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

What you should bring along

  1. Proficient in Django/ Flask framework on Python, Javascript (ES6).
  2. Knowledge of node.js or similar frameworks, HTML5, CSS3.
  3. Proficient in database architectures and implementation on RDBMS like MySql, PostgreSQL, or similar.
  4. Knowledge of big data system designs.
  5. Experience in building large complex websites and large-scale storage systems.
  6. Experience in edge- or mobile-based implementations.
  7. Proficient in code versioning tools like Git.
  8. Experience deploying the backend and handling server instances on cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, DO, etc.).
  9. Proficient in API gateway design, development, and integration experience.
  10. Experience in object-oriented analysis and design.
  11. Experience in multi-threaded programming.
  12. Experience with microservices.
  13. Experience with deployment (CI/CD).

Would be nice to have

  1. Working knowledge of programming with Java, C/C++
  2. Understanding of computer graphics or game development.
  3. Understanding of WebXR, and WebGL/Three.js
  4. Experience developing, and deploying web and mobile applications.
  5. Experience building 3D applications.
  6. Experience using web workers/ wasm applications.
  7. Experience with some project management for regular sprints.
  8. It’s good to have some prior relevant experience.


Engineering Graduates or equivalent. 

Pre/ Final-Year/ Fresher Students in the related field, who can pursue a full-time internship are welcome to apply.