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Why Is Low Digital Maturity A Major Challenge In Energy Sector?

For major manufacturing industries working with complex equipment, like Oil & Gas, unplanned downtime is a major challenge. Research shows that for offshore oil and gas organizations just 1% of unplanned downtime—or 3.65 downtime days

Humanity needs instructions on everything

Our lives are filled with instructions – from how to connect to the WiFi to enabling our car’s sunroof to close when it senses rain, from learning to cook the world’s best upma in under

The healthcare metaverse

Since the end of World War II, the average life expectancy has relentlessly trended upwards (Figure 1). One of humanity’s goals is to continue this trend for as long as possible. It is unacceptable for

The no-code metaverse maker

Everything we see around us will become immersive and interactive, that’s the future. But the path to this future is extremely expensive, frustrating, and time-taking. Enter Fabrik – the pain killer. TL:DR – Fabrik is

What is common between instructions, millennials, and EVs? They are digital-first.

Full disclosure – written by a millennial. Millennials will drive automobile purchases for the next two-three decades. Millennials consider social responsibility and environmental friendliness when considering their purchases, so brands face Millennials’ significant expectations in
Artificial Intelligence Neural Network

Augmented/Virtual Realities (AR/VR) are changing the way we commute post COVID-19

“I don’t want just another car” It’s all about the experience   Millennials have the highest buying power, and for them, the brands they associate with reflects their values and beliefs. Experience is key for millennials, and
Deep tech. transitions from “nice to have” to “must-have”

Deep tech. transitions from “nice to have” to “must-have”

2020 saw a historic change in world events and the aftermaths of the COVID-19 pandemic leading to downward economic pressure. Due to the global lockdown, a “stay-home economy” sprung up, and paved the way for
Augmented Reality — what can you implement today?

Augmented Reality — what can you implement today?

That’s an excellent question, I’m glad you asked. There are many articles out there about applications of Extended Reality (XR) in all walks of life, from FMCG experiences to mining practices and from furniture visualizations
World Wide WebXR (Web Extended Reality)

World Wide WebXR (Web Extended Reality)

The World Wide Web (www) is simply a network of computers (servers in this case) that hold the pages of information, more or less the Internet. Here’s an interesting article that explains how to identify a webpage
Why should you care? — yet another Extended Reality post.

Why should you care? — yet another Extended Reality post.

XR — Extended Reality is an umbrella term for augmented, mixed or virtual realities, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Excellent. I’m not talking about the first virtual reality device, Sensorama (1962), a visionary
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