Computer Vision Engineer

Fabrik create engrossing digital twin stories
Fabrik is a knowledge management company for enterprises. We use cutting edge technologies like AR/VR, computer vision, and collaboration on the web for lifecycle management of high-value assets.
We need someone who loves working on a long-term product, and likes to dabble in experimental coding and prototyping. We need someone who can handle coding for a large scale product, and is happy working independently and being self-motivated. You should also be able to prioritise tasks to work on the most important aspects before just the fun stuff.


  1. As a core member of the engineering team, you will work closely to build, stabilise and scale Fabrik platform.
  2. You should also be in the habit of writing well-documented, clean code (on front- and back-end), to be able to pass successful projects on to other developers to iterate upon and flesh out.
  3. Testing and fixing bugs or other coding issues.
  4. We love to see creativity and experiments, especially on the frontend for stunning visuals on the web.
  5. Develop and manage well-functioning databases and applications.
  6. Write effective APIs.
  7. Test software to ensure responsiveness and efficiency.
  8. Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade software.
  9. Create security and data protection settings.
  10. You should have a keen interest in keeping up to date with modern coding practices.
  11. Assist sales with RFI/RFPs to provide deeper insight into the product.

Must have:

  1. Experience in computer vision frameworks (Tensor Flow, PyTorch, etc.).
  2. Experience in edge- or mobile-based implementations.
  3. Hands on programming in python (or Java).
  4. Experience handling server instances on cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, DO, etc. and SSH).
  5. API gateway design and development experience.
  6. Understanding of git system.

Nice to haves:

  1. Working knowledge of C/C++.
  2. Understanding of Computer graphics or game development
  3. Experience with WebXR, and WebGL/Three.js.
  4. Experience developing web and mobile application.
  5. Experience building 3D applications.
  6. Experience using web workers/ wasm applications.


  1. 1+ years of relevant industry experience.
  2. Ability to develop, organize, and maintain process documentation.
  3. Experience with some project management for regular sprints.
  4. Demonstrated problem-solving and analytical capabilities, with the ability to develop creative/non-traditional solutions for challenging, undefined problems.
  5. Metrics-driven and analytical; proven ability to prioritize, drive, and achieve results through self and others under time pressure
  6. Passion for working with technology products and solving consumer needs.

Most important:

  1. Out-of-the-box thinking
  2. PROACTIVE executioner
  3. Loves building great products
  4. Smart worker