Aerospace Metaverse

OEMs face difficulties to optimize factory floor processes and gain insights from generated data. This creates a disconnect between the asset inspection, troubleshooting & maintenance phases of an aircraft’s lifecycle.

Key Challenges

Low productivity

Manufacturing processes are captured in 2D dashboards which are not interpreted easily, leading to lack of productivity control.

Tacit knowledge

Paper based manuals are difficult to maintain and have to be reviewed for each plan separately, increasing the risk of inaccuracy or missing data.

Fault identification

MROs spend high amount of time generating accurate inspection reports. Lack of unified inspection tool leads to high asset inspection downtime.


  • Manufacturing Digital Twin
  • Operational Digital Twin
  • Maintenance Digital Twin
  • Digital Work Instructions
Integrate all systems, procedures and data into a visual layout.
Live connect between inspection and production line to provide real time visibility.
Eliminate non-revenue generating quality checks by immersive digital twins and computer vision.

Immersive simulation of flight conditions for in-depth root cause analysis

Digital twin of all routine operating procedures like testing & maintenance, with clear instructions for every instrument in the aircraft.

Real-time data that allows technicians to remotely detect, troubleshoot, and record issues.

Fault identification and resolution in a unified platform for preventive maintenance.

3D Digital Twin of Cabin & Flight deck layouts to enhance the effectiveness of the inspection process.

Real-time asset management tool to track the asset's health throughout its lifecycle.

Immersive layout of manufacturing line with clear part assemblies and step-by-step job instructions.

Just in time work instructions that runs on any device replacing paper-based instruction manuals.

Tacit knowledge (knowledge not present in manuals) is captured as on-the-job training material.

What we offer

Digital map for maintenance of your aircraft fleet.

A visual layer that digitises the end-to-end aircraft lifecycle management during the many decades of service.

A proactive approach to identifying and fixing issues before they would cause business interruptions or safety concerns.



Quick to implement


Digitized manuals


Higher productivity


Zero code


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