Automotive Metaverse

There is a signification information gap from engineering/production to the aftermarket, or dealerships in the automotive industry which impacts the quality of product experience. Fabrik brings continuity of the digital thread within this system by integrating metaverse solutions.

Key Challenges

Dealership Support

Dealerships don't have access to CAD that helps them resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

Field Data - too little, too late

Engineering/production teams do not get access to key field problems caused during production until an automobile rolls in for schedule maintenance


Lack of Quality Auto-Service

Inconsistency in quality of auto-service at dealerships breeds distrust among customers.


  • AI Assisted Maintenance
  • Digital User Manual
  • Manufacturing Digital Twin

Enable technicians to scan and recognize error codes through their smartphones/tablets.

Digital work instructions for corrective actions.

On demand access to experts within the same workflow.

"SEE" your car, don't just read about it.

Create and maintain a visual audit trail through insurance and resale cycles.

Monitor each stage of the manufacturing process and rectify errors as they come to reduce delays in the production line, poor quality goods, and recalls.

What we offer

Audio visual aid through VR & AI-assistance to improve user experience in identification of warning signs and accessory operations.

A step-by-step immersive guide that replaces an on-the-job paper based instruction manuals.



Quick to implement


Convert Manuals


Productivity benefits


No coding required


Enter the metaverse