Retail Metaverse

Key Challenges

Supply Chain Gaps

Retailers/brands lack an effective sourcing strategy that influences their inventories and deliverables.

Poor Inventory Management

According to research, inventory management in the retail industry is just 63% accurate. Constant changes in market demand makes inventory management an inefficient exercise.

Personalized User Experience

For a successful multi-channel shopping experience, retailers must offer consistent, innovative, and live up-to-the-trending product features, pricing, and customer experience across all the channels.


  • Digitize fixture planograms
  • Immersive customer experiences
Visualize store fitout
Align all stakeholders to fitout at fixture level in one go.
Integrate into procurement
Automate procurement process with end-to-end integration.
Digitize experiences
Bring a virtual engaging experience to the users and increase conversion from intent to checkout.

What we offer

AR planograms to layout floor shape, dimensions and other key parameters
Centralized Tracking: Upgrade tracking process that allows automated reordering and procurement features.
Generate metaverse-based shopping habits data and get never before seen insights into customer interest for better demand forecasting



Quick to implement


Convert Manuals


Productivity benefits


No coding required


Enter the metaverse