Market Research

Who we are looking for

You should be someone with an innovative and futuristic vision with robust understanding of the technology and engineering products. We are looking for an analytical and detail-oriented market research associate to assist in discovering new industries, sectors and enterprises across the globe, where Fabrik can offer meaningful product interventions thereby creating avenues for winning business propositions and help set up new revenue channels for our business vertical.

If you have a keen interest and curiosity about future technologies, industries and market development for new business across the globe, then we welcome you to join hands with us to explore existing and new emerging markets.

What you will be doing

  1. Research and identify industries, verticals and segments for new business opportunities.
  2. Research opportunities where none is visible or exist.
  3. Conduct Primary and Secondary Research/ Customer Interviews targeted to a global audience.
  4. Use data analysis with analytic tools and interpretations to guide the decision-making of the business.
  5. Present crisp and actionable insights/recommendations.
  6. Create use-cases across sectors to accomplish deliverables.
  7. Map go-to-market strategies and customer experience.
  8. Validate and verify the use-cases with reports and models.
  9. Assess industry trends, prepare forecasts, and develop industry models.
  10. Create research designs, sampling plans, questionnaire development and digitization etc.
  11. Keep track of industry influencers, innovations and publications.
  12. Provide recommendations to improve future business operations.
  13. Organize and store data for future research projects.
  14. Generate business leads.

What you should bring along

  1. Professional working knowledge of the English language.
  2. Command over Microsoft Office (PowerPoint/Excel) tools.
  3. Well-versed with researching and finding information online.
  4. Knowledge of data analytics tools and data metrics. 
  5. Ability to identify opportunities for business growth in data-deficient cases.
  6. Ability to manipulate large, complex data sets into manageable, understandable reports with strong quantitative/analytical skills.
  7. Excellent problem-solving, and communication skills.
  8. Ability to keep sensitive business information confidential.
  9. Sharp attention to detail and high personal standards for quality and thoroughness.
  10. Ability to work independently and collaboratively under tight deadlines and handle multiple tasks.
  11. It’s good to have some prior relevant experience with data-driven market research.


BE/BS/MBA or equivalent with marketing emphasis. 

Pre/ Final-Year/ Fresher Students in the related field with a flair for business research, data analysis, strong business development interest, and excellent skills in English, who can pursue a full-time internship are welcome to apply.