Product Analyst

Who we are looking for

We are looking at scale and it takes a special kind of person to help B2B startups working with enterprises achieve scale. We are looking for people who can fit into customer-facing roles and build long-term relationships with various departments in enterprise customers. You should be passionate about cutting edge immersive technologies and experiences.

What you will be doing

  1. Deep dive into the areas of customer-driven product analysis and use this knowledge to define product roadmap.
  2. Working closely with customers to understand their challenges.
  3. Work internally with the engineering teams to bridge the gap between expectations and reality.
  4. Create opportunities where none is visible or exist. 
  5. Identify growth hacking techniques to achieve scale. 
  6. Generate leads for the sales funnel and partnerships funnel. 
  7. Engages customers through the sales funnel journey. 
  8. Build long term relationships and ensure customer satisfaction.
  9. Identify new markets and customer needs based on analytics and future trends. 
  10. Build and maintain a healthy sales pipeline.

What you should bring along

  1. Experience developing and executing sales strategy successfully while collaborating cross-functionally and building consensus, with effective project management expertise.
  2. Demonstrated problem-solving and analytical capabilities, with the ability to develop creative/non-traditional solutions for challenging, undefined problems.
  3. Metrics-driven and analytical; proven ability to prioritize, drive, and achieve results through self and others under time pressure
  4. Passion for working with technology products and solving consumer needs.
  5. Passion to study and envision emerging trends and markets for our products and services.
  6. Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail.
  7. Ability to develop, organize, and maintain process documentation
  8. Excellent communication and articulation skills.
  9. Ability to sell ideas well through creative presentations.
  10. Prefer working in a collaborative, cross-team capacity. This role requires you to work across functions and departments to bring to life the product. You are at the center of our entire organization, constantly interacting with teammates, prospects, and customers.
  11. Ability to effectively prioritize and manage your time to address multiple responsibilities in a fast-paced, professional environment.
  12. Self-motivated and results-driven; passionate to learn and grow, proactive executioner with out-of-the-box thinking.


MBA/BE/BS Graduates with strong business acumen and interest. 

Pre/ Final-Year/ Fresher Students in the related field with a flair for business research, strong Business Development interest, and excellent skills in English, who can pursue a full-time internship are welcome to apply.