Metaverse for claims settlements

Give an extra dimension for inspectors by using a powerful combination of video-streaming and 3D annotations in a collaborative metaverse. Inspectors can process claims accurately, in lesser time, and do it remotely without visiting every single site.

The integrated command and control center

Today’s assembly lines, energy transmission & distribution infrastructure, manufacturing facilities, and smart cities do not have a wholistic picture about their infrastructure at various levels. Only limited historical information is fed back into the systems to indicate if things haven’t happened in the way they were planned or that there is a disconnect somewhere. Due to this there is a huge data gap between the business systems and real world processes.
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  • Filing for insurance claims is a tedious process.
  • Level of expertise for inspections are high and few experts are available.
  • Long service turnaround times due to contested claims, scheduling conflicts, and travel constraints.

How it works

Start a metaverse collaborative call with your phone
Load a 3D model with the car
Turn on camera, and collaborate with inspector remotely
Keep 3D model and the actual video feed side-by-side for assessment
Annotate damages from the car and map to the 3D model and file for returns


Carry out inspections remotely and see what the customer sees.
Damage investigations are mapped to a 3D digital twin.
Annotate in 3D and takes screenshots through the customer’s mobile device.
Record sessions, take AR (Augmented Reality) measurements, and save to cloud.

Business Impact

Productivity improvements at reduced costs
Accuracy of assessments - reduces re-filing
Expedite claim approvals
Robust audit and governance of the process

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